Bohler Aerospace

Bohler Aerospace is recognised as a leading producer of special materials for the aerospace industry, together with a worldwide reputation in turbine blading bar. Success in supplying to such industries has only been achievable by gaining the relevant approvals from many of the top O.E.M.s throughout the world, proving that our quality is second-to-none.

Our production range includes over 400 special material grades including creep-resistant stainless, nickel-based alloys and high temperature alloys. The steel can be supplied in many forms from bar, billet, sheet and plate to custom forged and finished products for rotors, shafts, blades and disc applications.

We welcome any opportunity to help with any of the following requirements:-
• Stainless Cr-steels
• Stainless Cr-Ni-steels
• Ni-based alloys
• Creep resistant steels
• High temperature steels
• Glass moulding steels
• Valve steels
• Heat resistant steels
• Steels with special physical properties
• Case hardening steels
• Heat treatable steels
• Nitriding steels

For further details visit our the Bohler Aerospace division's subsite or contact via email at