Bohler Tool Steel

Our Tool Steel & High Speed Steels division offers traditional tool steel products coverings Cold Work, Hot Work and Plastic Mould steels, High Speed Steels, Powder Metallurgy products to a wide range of industries

Tool Steel

Our Cold Work tool steels are used for cutting and pressing tools, for dies and knives, for stamping and drawing tools, hobs, thread rolling tools and in many other applications due to their typical properties – high hardness, good toughness and compressive strength and high wear resistance. High availability, cost efficiency and a long tool life are the most important factors in choosing a material.
BÖHLER hot work tool steels are specifically trimmed to their use at high temperatures. The cleanliness of the steel is a deciding factor for a long tool life and for resistance to heat checking. Typical applications for hot work tool steels are: pressure die casting, hot extrusion, open die forging, plastic processing.
For the manufacture of plastic parts, steels are required which have a high wear resistance and good polishability, which can be easily ED machined and grained and which should have adequate corrosion resistance and be economic to machine. Depending on the properties required, case-hardening steels, heat treatable steels, corrosion resistant steels, nitriding steels and martensite hardening steels or high performance powder metallurgical materials are used.

High Speed Steel

BÖHLER high speed steels are used for machine tools such as drills, hobs and broaching tools and in some cold forming applications. The properties required here are wear resistance, hot hardness and toughness which prevents shelling of cutting edges. This guarantees high tool life, low maintenance and down times, and ensures a reproducible production process. Our high performance powder metallurgical high speed steels are a speciality. The characteristic properties of all high speed steel grades include:
• High working hardness
• High wear resistance
• Excellent toughness
• Compressive strength
• High retention of hardness and red hardness
• Strength to prevent breakage on the cutting edge

Powder Metallurgy

BÖHLER develops and produces high-performance PM-high speed steels and PM tool steels, which increase the life of the tool by several hundred percent. We consider this to be a technological leap of BÖHLER's own making: 3rd generation PM materials. These materials, known by the name MICROCLEAN, offer even further improvements in wear resistance, compressive strength, toughness, fatigue strength and polishability.

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