Uddeholm Tooling

With headquarters in Hagfors, Sweden has been producing steel for over 300 years. As the world's leading supplier of tooling materials and related services, we can be trusted. Meet us under the Uddeholm and ASSAB brands, wherever in the world you have your business.

Uddeholm sells and markets tooling materials and services to toolmakers, tool users, machine builders and their customers all over the world.

Our business concept includes:

  • Customised programme of branded products for selected applications.
  • Consistently high quality.
  • Fast response to customer needs.
  • Expert technical service from choice of material in tool design to tool in operation.
  • Leading in development and introduction of new tool steel grades.

Since 1991 Uddeholm has been part of the Austrian steel group Böhler-Uddeholm.

Uddeholm produces and delivers steel for outstanding performance. Tool steel used in industrial tools like knives, injection moulds, diecasting dies and dies for forging and extrusion.

We offer technical advice including material guidance and selection, heat treatment guidance and more.

Total economy - The cost of the tool steel in a mould usually represents only 10 - 15% of the tool cost and an even smaller part of the total tooling cost. Often savings made on buying cheaper mould steels turn out to be false economy. We help you by specifying the best possible mould steel for the job.

For further details visit http://www.uddeholm.co.uk/ or contact our sales office.